Tele Patient Monitoring (TPM)

Patient Harm and Falls - a real problem plaguing healthcare provides globally

  • Falls have been identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as an event that is preventable and should never occur. CMS has also identified “falls and trauma” on its list of Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) for which reimbursement will be limited, specifically for falls that result in fractures, dislocations and intracranial injuries.
  • Tens of thousands of patients fall in health care facilities every year and many of these falls result in moderate to severe injuries.
  • Each of these injuries, on average, add 6.3 days to the hospital stay and cost about $14,056.

As a “Chasing Zero” partner organization, How do Karma TPM services work?

  • Karma’s TPM Solution is right for you: Today hospital staff are currently assigned or worse reassigned as physical bedside attendants
  • By introducing Karma TPM: PCTs, CNAs, MA’s and RN’s are freed up to focus on other forms of patient care
  • Hospitals often cannot afford to implement physical techs in every patient’s room
  • Because TPM is very cost-effective, its use allows hospitals to widen the population monitored, increasing patient safety
  • Karma TPM Services leads the path to “Chasing Zero”

Every day our dedicated team of IT recruitment specialist are developing relationships so we will be prepared when it’s time to find the talent best suited to accomplish the job at hand.

Why Karma

  • Our TPM staff monitor 5-8 patients simultaneously
  • Our TPM staff are Specialty RN’s – Psych Trained RN’s, Ortho MS, Geriatric, Peds, etc
  • Monitoring with RN’s helps with clearer more precise communication about patients activity when connecting with staff members at facility.
  • Monitoring and clear communication by a nurse helps with patient safety
  • For the past 2 years as we have perfected our solution; Karma TPM currently monitor on average 200 pts per day, that’s 1,752,000 patient hours monitored annually
  • Always ready to take a new patient within 15mins notice
  • Staffed with RN’s
  • Lowest Ratio of Monitored Pts in Industry 5-8pt per tech
  • Lowest Industry Fixed Cost per/hr/pt
  • Monthly Subscription Model available

Next Step

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